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Renting a shipping container to Guatemala is a task that will take a little time if you want to get the best service and quality for the best price. Renting a shipping container that will hold all of the goods that you need to get to Guatemala can require research. Not only will you want to rent the container to Guatemala but you will also want to rent packing crates for shipping household goods. Boxes that are used for ground transport during shipping should be placed inside shipping crates for protection. It's possible that buying these crates is less expensive, depending on the type of crate you need.

A container to Guatemala will range in size from 20 to 40 feet and will be just under 9 feet high. If you require a specialty container, make sure that you ask about these. Specialty containers can include those for cars, small boats, hazardous or liquid materials shipped in large amounts, and anything that is alive such as livestock or pets. A specialty container to Guatemala can be used for other items as well.

If you have goods that will not fit into the height allotment of a standard shipping container there are open top models that will allow for greater height flexibility. An open top container to Guatemala is not going to be weather proof. These containers should only be used for items that can withstand weather conditions. Specialty shipping containers may also have an additional shipping fee as they require extra space on board the ship. It's important to know the facts before booking.

If you're not renting your shipping container to Guatemala from the same company that is going to provide the actual transport it's important that you inform the transporting company immediately about any changes in container size. Since most household items don't require special shipping containers it's not likely that you'll have to consider this aspect unless you're moving a farm or commercially appropriate material. Shipping items that will be sold upon arrival may require a refrigerated or specially insulated container to get it there safely.

A flat rack container to Guatemala may also be necessary. If you have recreational equipment to send such as boats or campers a flat rack container is recommended. These specialty containers can be much safer for transport of such items. Using a company that is familiar with the standard safety precautions for shipping a container to Guatemala like this will help improve the odds of your expensive personal equipment arriving in one piece.

Renting a shipping container to Guatemala may be more expensive when not using the transporting company. Often getting quotes on just the containers and then getting a separate quote on the actual transport will not give you an accurate price for booking the two together with the same company. Transport to Guatemala may also include a container to Guatemala for a fee that is only a percentage of the fees charged separately. The same principle applies to packing crates for rent or for sale. Using one high quality company could save money.

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Container Ports in Guatemala

There are 4 Container Ports in Guatemala: Port of Puerto Barrios, Port of Puerto Quetzal, Port of Santo Tomas De Castilla, Port of Santo Tomas De Santo

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